Friday, February 26, 2010

Scarlett.... my friend... "better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all"!

Her name will be Scarlett, because she was the most beautiful snow white German Shepherd Dog I'd ever seen. (except of course her cohort, Chrissy)
We found her in Burleson, and brought her home at Thanksgiving almost 12 years ago.
Injury couldn't keep her from being one of the "smartest search and rescue dogs"
our trainer had ever trained.
We had decided to have both our dogs trained simply to be sure they would respond quickly as we had our first grandchild coming. Scarlett was 2 and the trainer was so impressed she wanted her to train for SAR.
It was always amazing to me...
I would try to pull her to another location as we practiced, but then lo and behold...
there behind a wall, or a tree, or a torn down building would be her "find".
When it was a child, it was immediate.
She never missed.
We had the full gear for helicopter lifts... but thankfully we never had to use it!
She was on call for 9/11... and even though Troy said I could not go, we'd already decided that should she be needed, we would let her go and another could team with her.
I was thankful that again, she wasn't called.
Yesterday, 2/25/10, the morning broke with fire in the sky.
I think I knew it would be a significant day... and God was telling me that HE was God,
and the world was in order just as HE planned.
The cancer had finally begun to take it's toll on my girl.
She'd beat the odds for 3 years this month.
The doctors had said, "6 months to a year"... but Scarlett was not bound by
the rules of the world. God had given her to me for purposes that the cancer could
not take. He left her here for 3 years more.
Scarlett held my secrets...
she would hear my shouts and she would hear my prayers...
all were safe with her heart.
She was such a safe place for me.
I was never afraid, even when Troy was on the road... I was safe!
Nothing got past those big ole ears... (Troy often called her Bugs... as in Bugs Bunny:)
or... erasure nose... teasing about that soft pink nose that would nudge us awake each morning.
She joked that Scarlett left herself everywhere she went.
Our vacuum bag would be full even if we vacuumed each day. That's the nature of the beautiful white coat that my girl wore.
She felt my heart.... and knew my thoughts,
she licked my tears, and danced when I danced!
Scarlett was the most altruistic selfless friend I could ever have had, and
I will miss her terribly.
I thank the LORD for this precious one HE allowed in my life for the past 11 years.
Her place will ever be hers alone.... and even if my tears continue to fall on occasion...
I will know...
Someday... I'll see this lady again, and she will run to me with that loping gate
to welcome me into eternity with the rest of the crew
that is being kept tenderly cared for in my Heavenly home.
I wonder.... could a white dog run alongside a white horse????
She was my friend!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guineas, Yorkies and my big white lady

Latte and Ebear feel a bit disconsolate since the guineas have appropriated their outside pen!
After the attack on the flock of 12 leaving me with these two, Vinnie and Pearl, I have had them enclosed since April! Soon they will have a brand new home beside the barn... also enclosed until I can get them acclimated to their new home.
Scarlett's osteo sarcoma is making her a little uncomfortable since she cannot bend that left leg at the site of the tumor. But other than that, she seems to be just fine at her ripe old age of 12,
2 1/2 years since her diagnosis (that's 2 years longer than they told me she'd be with me!!!)
Thank You Lord for leaving her... I love her!
Scarlett still is the most majestic beautiful dog I think I've ever seen!
.... and not to be outdone... my little lady is quite lovely too!
Latte is dressed in orange for the season!
.... Then there is my little leaping hooligan Ebear!
Ever the clown, and always everybody's friend!
Such a winsome and silly little guy....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Yorkies

Each morning it's Latte's job to check out the front porch... Christmas is no different... no telling WHO might be outside! Especially on THIS morning!

Ebear... get over here, you've gotta see this!

Okay, but I'm still feeling a bit embarrassed about the outfits! Do you think we can take them off after the holidays?... Sure, but look out there... do you see that HUGE thing in the yard beside the brass pony??? I DON'T think he's supposed to be here!

Yes, a unusual guest was in the yard this day. Seems he was a rather lonely fellow.
So much so that he doesn't even recognize the "cold shoulder" when he gets one!
(hahahaha... small... VERY small joke!)

The good news was that he did have an owner... and he will NOT be staying at our house!

Enjoy a bit of holiday fun with Scarlett, Ebear, and Latte!
Merry Christmas Yall!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Osteosarcoma and our White German Shepherd, Scarlett

Recently I posted one of these pictures to my facebook, and found many of you thought my white lady is as pretty as I do.
Scarlett was diagnosed with bone cancer, osteosarcoma, 18 months ago. I was told all my options and that she would probably be with us maybe 6 more months. We could amputate her leg, we could do chemo, we could... you know the story.
We decided that we would not put her though any of this and that whatever the LORD wanted for our friend, would be fine with us... so long as she was as comfortable as possible.
I asked the LORD to help me find the right foods and nutritional supplements so that she could be healthy and as strong as possible since the x-rays had shown the OS in her front left joint.
(this is a hilarious pic... Troy always called her "eraser nose")

As you can see from the pictures here... taken this week... 18 months from her diagnosis.. Scarlett is doing GREAT! She is 10 years old and oh so very special to us.
She is a certified search and rescue dog. (her favorites to find are children... maybe I'll post one of my favorite stories about that someday)
She has a horrible tendency to leave herself all over my house
(white shepherds are notorious for shedding year round).
And yes... she still plays like a much younger dog.
In the picture below, you can see the lump on her left leg.
It has remained ONLY there as far as we can tell.

You might ask what we are doing??
1)we thank God for allowing her to be with us any time
2) every morning we use 2 supplements in her food
*4life... Canine Complete... Transfer Factor
*2 capsules of 4Life Choice 50 (opened and poured over her food)
3) we feed Innova dog food for older dogs
**I found 4Life as I was searching for osteosarcoma treatments, the website is
they also have human vitamins and supplements though I've never used them.

Scarlett is very special to us, and to look in her eyes is to look into complete love.
Dogs are unconditional in their devotion to us, and this one has held my heart since
we first picked her out as my youngest daughter began college at TAMU.
We know she won't be with us forever,
but right now, we are thankful for any time we have with any of our
sweet 4 legged friends.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yorkie Royalty.... dress up night at doggy class!

it was a night to be remembered. The two BIG goldens were not here and neither was the REALLY big black Rottweiler! It was just us... Me and the girls, and well... guess we'd better include the pup, Coby. He's still learning of course.
Coby was dressed like a Red Raider (in honor of the upcoming Tech vs. UT game).
Miss Breezy Lady... Chatty for short wore a stunning orange ensemble which matched her bouncy personality perfectly.
Julie, MY PERSONAL favorite, as well as TEACHER's pet... came with her owners... yes, both of them as country cow dogs... as in Hank look alikes.

Having so many choices before me... should I be an angel? nope, a little too sweet.
Should I be a court jester, nope, wouldn't get me the respect I deserve....
Well... decision made... I came as the leader of the pack in the royal robes designating my regal position before my adoring public. I really think my owner should have done a bit more with the hair, but oh well... out came the silly pony tail anyway before the night was over!

Yes.... dress up night was a hit... even if I didn't get that new signal "WAIT"... understood... I really thought people loved watching me bounce to my owner so much, why should I WAIT???

Looks like I'm in for a bit more training at home... at least that's what Miss Betty told my owner.
you know what that means????
more treats!
I'm no dummy:)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yorkie angels! getting silver and silky!

Whew... that was a really close call this week... my people had me scheduled for that little operation.... if you know what I mean! and... well it just got postponed...YEAH!... I am now 6 going on 7 months old and about my full size.... I weigh 4 lbs, but I'm a little taller than mom... she's still the boss! My real yorkie coat is coming in nicely.. or at least that is what Michelle says... I sorta liked the black and tan look, but guess I'll be more like my mom's silver and gold silky coat.
see how pretty she is? and yes, all we yorkies have that tongue that curls at the end... pretty unique characteristic huh?
love you too Mom.... wanna go outside and play?

or better yet.... I'll just put on the angel wings and we can play inside... Why didn't they get me a superman cape? I feel sorta silly in this getup!

But they say people will think I'm really cute when we can go to the senior citizen's home and visit. hummmm that is yet to be seen!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ebear gets a yorkie topknot! (inspite of still sporting the puppy skunk stripe)

Yes, I was feeling a bit unattractive as folks were commenting on my "skunk stripe". Little did they know that this is a natural growing out of my all black puppy coat. I'm getting the real deal..
today I got the YORKIE TOPKNOT to prove it!
Okay, so it's a little wimpy now, but you just wait... it's growing and I'm sorta thinking it is a bit like the Egyptian royal princes used to sport... a LONG braid... mine is going to be REGAL!
Yep... that's my mom... I really don't want her to have that white thing in her hair, so I keep trying to pull it out!
Makes her a little mad I assure you!

Do our profiles look a like? My people tell me that my short nose is just what they wanted.
AWWWWW MOM.... quit checking to see if it's still there???!!! It is, and


Let's go play tug of war.... yes, I won't mess up your hair..... (ha ha ha)